Welcome to Ricoh's Main Street!

By Kurt Konow, Production Print Marketing Strategist, Ricoh Americas Corporation

Graph Expo 2012 may seem like months ago—well actually, it was months ago—but news about Ricoh receiving top honors from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals in its annual MarCom Awards competition was just announced in December – and we were very excited to get this news. We were a Platinum Award winner for the Graph Expo booth design, gaining notice among 6000 very qualified entries. Needless to say, we were thrilled to get this recognition.

If you were not at the show, here is a recap of what we did: Building off Ricoh’s new corporate tagline, imagine.change., our team illustrated how Ricoh can help print providers transform the way they work by harnessing the collective imagination of different applications and print samples that they can develop right in their own communities. To do this, we created a “Main Street” theme that included a collection of real-world marketing pieces and other types of printed materials that you might find on any Main Street, in any city. We even built a Main Street with a bookstore, a coffee shop, a movie theater and more. It was very different from anything we have done before—and from the traffic it brought to the booth it appeared the crowd loved it.

While receiving recognition for the booth design was great, it was not our sole reason for creating this type of innovative booth and focused applications for the show. Designing such a literal representation of a cityscape was intended to help to the visitors to the booth imagine the opportunities available  in virtually any type of environment, from consumer to business, from entertainment to healthcare. Additionally, it was to provide actual samples and applications that our customers can have at their fingertips to use and grow their business. ‘Imagine’ the impact and the ‘changes’ that implementing solutions such as multi-channel marketing web-based solutions and clickable paper can have on the future of your business. The possibilities are endless—and the best news is that we are here to help make it happen.

Throughout 2013, we will continue to share more “Main Street” concepts that support Ricoh’s Print and Beyond initiative, which embodies the company’s services-led focus on helping you extend business opportunities far beyond traditional printed output to various digital and other mediums. Our whole goal in making this a focus this year is to continue to support you in finding and securing new business opportunities in unexpected places – right in your own community.


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